Laoshan Mineral Water Won

In the wake of achieving Chinese Brand Names鈥濄佲 China Time-Honored Brand鈥濄佲 Industry Iconic Brand In China鈥濓紝 century of Laoshan Mineral Water gain The Most Competitive Brand. The selection has been carried out since last August, the selection system which issued by government  include model measuringexpert reviewmarket acceptance,having strong authority and relativety high perceived quality. Brand Influence have come into being for a long time.

Quality is the root. Some people say the quality of poduct is equal to the quality of people.Without quality, everything is negative.Since 1905,Laoshan Minera Water haved hold the course quality fist, greennaturalpure quality will be hold on to the end, the  title of honour "World Famous Drink"  will be carried forward.

Laoshan mineral water have the innate  luscious water quality rich in many kinds of minerals and trace elements which is necessary for human body. Its natural pure and excellent quality is other  mineral water industry product too far behind to catch up with.Laoshan mineral water mined in 117 meters deep underground granite gap in Laoshan.Laoshan mineral water is rich in potassium, magnesium, sodium, strontium and metasilicic acid  etc,such minerals and trace elements. It is an unusually low mineralization, strontium and metasilicic acid compound typenatural mineral water.

In addition, Laoshan Minera Water company invested tens of millions yuan to establish three excellent grade Laoshan Mineral Water production base of green garden, and management of the base is closed. The implementation of advanced production technology and strict whole process of production make Laoshan Minera Water "zero pollution", While the production capacity ramping up, Ensure that the Laoshan Mineral Water pure taste and excellent quality.

Innovation is the soul. Laoshan Minera Water company constantly increase input in new product development and technological innovation , making use of existing brand assets, seizing the opportunity to implement brand extension, researching and developing high value-added and marketable products to implement the product blossom. Today, the company has formed PET bottled water, high-grade glass bottled water, bottled water, carbonated drinks, tea drinks and other series, all-round, three-dimensional strategic market system to implement multi-level diversification strategy.

Marketing with Innovation. In a spirit of principle of all departure from the market, in marketing respects, Laoshan Mineral Water company has a experienced, technical, managerial team, a valiant marketing team a scientific and comprehensive marketing concept. Establish the networks Covering  domestic marketing network and international marketing  network include United States, Britain, Singapore, Malaysia.

With unique advantages in resources, pursuiting excellence quality awareness, innovative spirit of perseverance, the development of century of Laoshan Mineral Water is irresistible force today, becoming a glaring flag in China's beverage market.


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